Howard Fuller returns to NC to address Poverty!

Howard Fuller, who is prominently featured in our documentary, Change Comes Knocking will be in North Carolina on April 2-3 to address poverty and education issues as part of the 3rd Annual Poverty Awareness Week at Hanes Art Center on UNC-CH campus.  The film screening and panel discussion will be on April 2nd at 7pm.  You can park in the Swain Lot off of Cameron Ave, near the N. Columbia Street intersection, since it is after school hours, however, there may be a charge.  On Friday, April 3rd, Poverty Awareness Week will culminate with a keynote address, delivered by Dr. Fuller entitled, “Community Organizing and Local Change: Creating Solutions to Poverty.  The keynote will be at 4pm, preceded by a reception at 3:30, also at Hanes Art Center.   There may be parking available at the Swain Hall Lot, because it is technically a “Visitor Lot,” but it is often reserved for other events.  If this lot is not open, then I suggest parking in one of the Franklin Street Parking decks and walking to Hanes Art Center.  If you are unable to walk long distances, the attendant at the Swain Hall lot will allow for you to pull in and drive up to Hanes Art Center for drop off.  Dr. Fuller will also be appearing on WUNC’sThe State of The State of Things on Friday, April 3rd at noon, tune in to hear what he has to say about being back in North Carolina.

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