See note from Linda Booker, the organizer of the Race in NC Film Forum:

The Film Forum has a New Location.  The Race in NC film forum will be now be held at the historic Pittsboro Courthouse in the town circle (the intersection of 15-501 and Hwy 64.)  Although we are disappointed that things didn’t work out at the other location, there’s something about showing these films within the walls of our old courthouse that takes on a whole new meaning and thankfully there is still a bar right across the street!  For more information visit the Chatham Arts website.

Parking will be available at lots located around the circle near the courthouse.

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  1. rcerese March 22nd, 2009 12:27 pm

    What a wonderful day we had yesterday in Pittsboro at the Race in NC Film Forum. Many thanks to Linda Booker for organizing such a fabulous event. The screening was well attended, and we had a rousing discussion afterward with Ms. Atwater, who was fabulous as usual. We need more forums like these in the future so we can continue the dialogues about race and poverty, which are issues that still must be addressed.

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